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Olivia's Garden

Fresh Flower Cake Circle Design

Fresh Flower Cake Circle Design

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Beautiful florals on our signature cloudlike textured chiffon cake (6") with silky whipped cream frosting. Cake design depends on seasonal blooms that are from our own garden or local farmers, regardless of colour or species.

Flavours Choices:
Strawberry, mango, matcha, mocha, chocolate, salted caramel, honey yuzu

- Please advise us if you have any food allergies.

- Please leave us a note for any special design requests.




  • Bring an enclosed, air-conditioned vehicle with a flat/level surface to set the cake on such as a minivan, SUV, station wagon or hatchback. (Seats and laps are not level!).
  • Clear vehicle space of loose objects that could fall onto or roll into the cake. If it must go on the back seat, please level the seat first with a towel, or something sturdy.
  • Keep cake as cold as possible during transport, and away from sunlight.
  • Drive carefully. Turns, stops, and starts should be performed in an exaggeratedly slow manner. Avoid bumps, jiggling, hills, and use a very slow speed on curves.

Cakes are extremely fragile. Olivia’s Garden is not responsible for the cake once it leaves our possession. We will not replace or refund damaged cakes.




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