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Olivia's Garden

Citron Yellow

Citron Yellow

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A beautiful hand-tied bouquet designed with light yellow ranunculus, white freesias, yellow Lisianthus, white trachelium, white alliums and chamomiles

- Lovely and pleasant

* The picture shown is the Medium size. 

* Our flower selection varies each week. The exact colours and varieties of flowers will be based on availability. Each bouquet is custom designed and will be different than the one pictured.

In Olivia’s Garden while we will make every effort to keep your order as close to your order description or photograph as possible; we do reserve the right to replace certain elements if we feel they won't be as beautiful as they could be, or if that particular flower is not in stock.

We do, however, promise to deliver you a drop dead gorgeous arrangement, lovingly designed using our freshest of the fresh product.

Flowers are a natural phenomenon, and occasionally they exhibit behaviour that is unpredictable. Give us a call and we'll see what we can do if you believe your arrangement has done something unexpected that isn't making you smile.

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