Olivia’s Garden is a bespoke florist and multi-roaster specialty coffee shop located in the heart of Toronto’s Little Italy. 


The café is found in our idyllic space, offering beautiful and playfully handcrafted beverages that focus entirely on quality and presentation.


Home is Toronto, and we embody that notion with the Garden café.


All of our pastries are baked fresh each day, the cakes entirely handmade.


Drink syrups are made in-house, and our mocktails sport entirely original, refreshing tastes & signature drinks that are all about the presentation.


Our locally-sourced beans ensure that no matter how out of this world the brew is, you’ll still feel right at home in the city.


As a multi-roaster cafe, we want to share nothing but the sweetest, juiciest, and most interesting coffees from around the world with you from the highest quality roasters.


We care about details and our coffee offerings are decided upon seasonally to deliver the best experience.

Everything from where our coffee is sourced, to their relationship with the roaster is valued.