we believe flowers are truly essential to life.

They make us feel calm, happy and uplifted. Olivia’s Garden offers custom floral arrangements for weddings, special events, and everyday life. We pay close attention to detail and create the design by combining our clients’ unique vision and personal style. 

Elly Zhang

Olivia's Garden Founder

Flowers aren’t just for men to buy women on special occasions. Floral arrangements can be a beautiful demonstration of friendship, encouragement, or support. Flowers add happiness to a room and are a wonderful way to treat yourself. 


Elly Zhang is the founder of Olivia’s Garden, named for her daughter. She’s passionate about flowers, picking and hand tying them for dear friends, decorating her home, and baking with organic edible flowers from her own garden.


“When I was pregnant, I picked flowers for dear friends, decorating my home, baked with edible flowers from my own garden. I hoped my little baby could start her life and discovery of the world this way.”